We follow Music Express as our music scheme and the music plans are detailed on the general curriculum documents.

 Pyramid building music


Listen to the water flowing. Imagine the sunrise. Listen to the small creatures stirring.

Hear the slaves begin their work as they sweat from the radiant beams of the sun and then get whipped for stopping.

After the song, listen to the workers dropping their tools, ending work for the day.

The creatures scuttle home and all is quiet again in the desert.

Y5s June 2019

BB Blues Performance

It was performed by the school orchestra, Year 3 on their recorders, Year 5 on guitars and Y6 guitar club. A total of around 200 children!

They've each practised separately and this was the first occasion where they played together. They were amazing!

Well done everyone!!!

You can hear a recording of the performance below.


Yr 4C Rainstorm 

Turn your volume up and get your umbrella ready for a rainforest rainstorm!!

No instruments were used in the making of this – body percussion only.