Year 5

Curriculum Maps

Pyramid building music


Listen to the water flowing. Imagine the sunrise. Listen to the small creatures stirring.

Hear the slaves begin their work as they sweat from the radiant beams of the sun and then get whipped for stopping.

After the song, listen to the workers dropping their tools, ending work for the day.

The creatures scuttle home and all is quiet again in the desert.

Y5 June 2019

Trip to the Globe

Year 5 had an amazing trip to the Globe Theatre in London on Monday 3rd December. They started the day with a tour of the exhibition where they had a chance to see what London looked like during Tudor times. They had a talk about the types of clothes that were worn during Tudor times and one of the boys was dressed in clothes from the era although he was dressed as a woman! After lunch, the children had a tour of the Globe Theatre. They were even allowed onto the stage to act out some of the lines from Macbeth!

This was followed by a workshop where they had the opportunity to work with a Shakespearian actor to explore the themes of Macbeth in greater detail.


They all had a wonderful time and were a real credit to the school with their exemplary behaviour.

If you would like to find out even more detail about the curriculum the school is following, please click here for the Department for Education National Curriculum.